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Women's Week 2023: Reading with Traudi Schlitt on 6 March in the Museum BarnWe women

Traudi Schlitt has been dealing with life in general and women’s lives in particular since she could read: From Pucki to Simone de Beauvoir to Margarete Stokowski, her literary journey went, always flanked by reality in the different phases of life. She will talk about all of this during her reading for Women’s Day 2023: Sometimes serious, sometimes funny and always with her own humour and wordplay. For the music, the author was able to win the duo “Frau Heidi & ihr Herr Dotter”, who will provide great listening pleasure with their special blues mix.

The reading will take place in the exhibition “Lebenslust, Lebensvielfalt” by Ilona Nolte, which can also be seen at various locations in the Vogelsberg as part of the Women’s Week.

Tickets for the reading on 6 March 2023 are available for 12 euros at the bookstore Lesenswert in Alsfeld and the bookstore Das Buch in Lauterbach. The reading begins at 8 pm.