The museum

The entrance to the new museum is located in the former gateway of the “Neurathhaus” (1688). The Minnigerodehaus, which is currently being rebuilt and is not accessible this time, still has a spiral staircase from the period of construction, whose winding spindle was worked from a single oak trunk and which extends over two floors with a height of 8.12 meters. In the course of extensive renovation work, the Alsfeld City Museum is currently in an intensive phase of redesign.

Alsfeld looks ahead!

Planning for a new permanent exhibition is in full swing. In the future, visitors will be able to learn about exciting aspects of Alsfeld’s history in an appealing, understandable and interactive way. In the “CityHistories” section, for example, they will deal with the question of how the city came into being in the Middle Ages and how it has grown and become historically – right up to the present day.

“Workplaces” presents Alsfeld’s economic history, which has been virtually untold in museums up to now, and tells of tobacco and pipe production, the brewery, furniture and chair production, the hat industry, business and industry today, and much more. The “GlaubensFragen” are dedicated to the history of religion, religious and cultural life in Alsfeld.

Special items from the extensive collection are shown in additional cabinets. It is important to meet people where they are. Questions to history are always asked from our present perspective. Therefore, the exhibition areas deal with topics that also move us today and in this way open up interesting perspectives on past life worlds. The exhibition thus stands in the field of tension between past, present and future.