museum barn

For a long time, the museum barn eked out its existence as a barn. It was a storage place for many things and was only used at large markets and city festivals. After the reopening of the Minnigerode house as part of the new city museum, the barn with its beautiful inner courtyard was discovered as an event space.

Exhibitions, readings, concerts and private or public celebrations have been held here ever since. The barn itself impresses with its simple room concept, which reflects the character of the former barn building and provides space for a wide variety of events.

And then the museum courtyard!

When the large gate is opened when the weather is nice and the old ginkgo tree provides shade, when the drinks are served or the music can play open air, then this area – a real gem near the market square – unfolds all its charm!

Picture ledges have already been installed around the large room for exhibitions. The barn can be fitted with a counter, seated with up to 60 chairs or fitted with seating sets. All of this is available in the museum barn. Pavilions and bar tables with matching covers are also available. Even a lectern is ready!

Lots of life in the Rittergasse

Since the barn was turned into an event space more spontaneously than planned, there is currently no water connection, no heating and no toilets. But the latter is taken care of in the museum and right next to the barn. In winter, the barn remains closed – apart from small exceptions.But the spring, summer and autumn months promise a lot of life in the Rittergasse.

You can see how the barn is used throughout the year in our events calendar. It has been proven that events by companies, associations or private individuals can be integrated very well into possible ongoing exhibitions.

More information for you as an exhibitor or Organizers will follow here shortly.