125 Jahre GMVGreeting 1. chairman Jochen Weppler

125 years of the Alsfeld History and Museum Association (Geschichts- und Museumsverein Alsfeld e.V.), behind this remarkable anniversary stands an eventful history full of ups and also some downs, but always characterized by the tradition of our ancestors to preserve and research the history in Alsfeld and our region. It has always been important to the association to assume social responsibility.

Classical tasks such as historical and political education within the framework of museum pedagogy are also performed by the GMV in an exemplary manner throughout its long history. This and also the intensive scientific use of the new central archive of the GMV in connection with the city museum, are a guarantee for the future work of the association. Independently of this, the GMV has done valuable work for the image and townscape of Alsfeld in the course of its history in the preservation of monuments, in the mediation and research of history. This is priceless in the truest sense of the word. Because a city that does not maintain its history, lays hands on its cultural roots.

The museum has been closed since December 2015, and the presentation of the first special exhibition in the listed Neurathhaus in May of this year was a first step back into the new town museum. By entering the special exhibition in the Neurathhaus, one literally steps onto historical ground within historical buildings, in the middle of our model town for monument preservation Alsfeld, whose 800th anniversary year we will celebrate in 2022.

We would therefore like to express our special thanks to the town of Alsfeld and its committees, as well as to the Hessian Museum Association for their many years of support, professional guidance and generous financial assistance.

The History and Museum Association is a private-law association that operates a private-law museum in accordance with its statutes. We continue to be non-profit and independent. These three factors outline the foundations of our successful and voluntary commitment and responsibility to preserve and research our shared cultural Alsfeld history. We are committed to the preservation of the many cultural assets entrusted to us from many centuries in our central depot and museum and do so with great respect for our heritage. The great success of the GMV is also reflected in its valuable publications and communications produced on a voluntary basis, most recently the commemorative publication for the 800th anniversary of the town of Alsfeld. Scientific publications continue to be one of the most important future tasks of the association. But also the support and close cooperation with the many cultural creators should in the future form a happy foundation in the new cultural inner-city quarter, in connection with the town museum, a museum café and the museum barn, as a lively exhibition and meeting place. This offers the opportunity for everyone to join forces, for intensive exchange and for a diverse presentation of art and culture: synergies for a new lively city center.

In this sense – stay by our side

For the board of the Alsfeld History and Museum Association e.V.

Alsfeld in the anniversary year 2022

Jochen Weppler, 1. chairman