02.07. – 24.07.2022Exhibition – The 40 Over 40 Project

Exhibition with 40 women over 40 – Their portraits, facets & stories.
A journey to self-knowledge.

The book is available at “Lesenswert Buchladen am Rathaus” in Alsfeld.

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Admission: 4 EURO

Opening hours:
Wednesday 10 to 14 h
Friday 10 to 19 h
Saturday 10 to 19 h
Sunday 10 to 17 h

More about the idea of the exhibition

40 women over 40 – their portraits, facets and stories

Kae Schuch has been working as a photographer for years and has always found that the high-quality portraits created in her work are each more than a snapshot, but always hold a story. The photo shoot and the conversations that take place with the people in front of the lens before and during the actual photography take on a depth that leaves no one, neither her nor the clients, untouched.

This results in images with profound aspects, in which the women describe their journey to the shooting of several hours and what this experience has done with them to date. This is, among other things, the respective individual metamorphosis of each participant in the styling by a make-up artist and hairdresser as part of the shooting.

In this way, the final image, which each amateur model selects from a large number of shots together with Kae Schuch after the shoot, makes sense to the external viewer. The story is told, the image and the respective portrayed merge into the actual, natural work of art – without being artificial!