Fire engine from 1894 for vintage car enthusiasts AlsfeldHistoric fire engine to become showpiece in the fire brigade museum

GMV hands over historic fire engine to the Oldtimerfreunde (Oldtimer Friends)

They are known for their enthusiasm for historic fire engines and equipment: the Oldtimerfreunde Alsfeld. Now Artur Schnitzer, Jürgen Geißler, H.W. Borchard and Matthias Hartmann can be pleased about the addition to the association’s already considerable collection.
The Alsfeld History and Museum Society, represented by the two chairpersons Jochen Weppler and Andreas Ruhl as well as secretary Marion Jäckel, have now presented the Oldtimer Friends with a historic fire engine from 1894, which comes from the collection of the Regional Museum. The historic fire engine is to be a highlight among the exhibits in the fire brigade museum, which is currently being built in the former “Hahn’s barn” in Metzgergasse 17.
Since its foundation, the history and museum association, together with the town museum, has been concerned with the preservation and research of historical objects from the old district of Alsfeld, to which Strebendorf belonged at that time. It was from there that the historic fire engine came to what was then the regional museum.
In order to further support and promote the already close cooperation between the Alsfeld associations, the GMV handed over the valuable exhibit to the Oldtimerfreunde. The members of the Oldtimerfreunde would like to contribute their cumulative experience in the restoration of fire-fighting equipment and first professionally clean and restore the old fire engine. This should ensure the long-term preservation of the fire engine.
The fire engine was manufactured by the company Carl Metz Feuerspritzenfabrik Heidelberg, as can still be seen on the existing type plate. Carl Metz founded his company in 1842 and revolutionised firefighting at that time not only by manufacturing firefighting equipment, but also by passing on his knowledge to local authorities and fire brigades throughout the country. Carl Metz is also considered the founder of volunteer fire brigades.
After the museum rooms were vacated due to renovation, the historic fire engine was temporarily stored in the halls of the municipal building depot. Now it is in good hands and will be admired again in new splendour in the new fire brigade museum.