A look at the city’s history in fast motion

New special
Special exhibition of the Alsfeld History and Museum Association opens in the Neurath House
opened – opening hours Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The second special exhibition of the history and museum association, entitled
“Milestones in the town’s history”, was officially opened on Saturday afternoon in the
Neurath House. The museum barn was well attended by invited guests and the museum
and the museum team, while music by Sascha Reif provided the perfect
framed the event appropriately. Jochen Weppler, chairman of the association, welcomed the
the audience.

Among the guests of honour were Christina Reinsch, Managing Director of the Hessian
Museumsverband Hessen e.V., and Mayor Stephan Paule. Weppler thanked
friends, sponsors, craftsmen, service providers and the curation and editorial team.
and editorial team. Thanks to their support, it was possible to realise an impressive exhibition
and a high-quality brochure could be realised, said Weppler; in particular
Weppler emphasised the invaluable work of the volunteers.

Weppler explained that the exhibition was designed for visitors, long-time residents and new
new residents and provides a comprehensive overview of Alsfeld’s history.
history of the town. Especially in times when the museum has been closed for ten
years, it is important to give people access to the history and culture of Alsfeld.The exhibits created identification and encouraged further study of the history. The chairman emphasised that this high-quality exhibition would not have been possible without the financial and moral support of the Hessian Museum Association, which has long been associated with the association. Weppler also thanked the municipal committees for their support.

In her speech, Christina Reinsch emphasised her delight that the opening of this new special exhibition was closely linked to International Museum Day on 19 May. The continuation after the first exhibition two years ago shows that the association still has a lot to tell, according to the expert, who invited the guests on a journey in fast motion from the first evidence of settlement in 300,000 BC to the city’s big anniversary in 2022. The exhibition is professionally designed and demonstrates a high level of commitment, which whets the appetite for a new museum that will once again house a permanent exhibition. The association has been supporting the organisation for a long time, including in setting up the depot, which is now in excellent condition. Reinsch thanked the town of Alsfeld and the association for their valuable work.

In view of current events in Germany, Mayor Stephan Paule emphasised how important it is not to forget history, including its dark chapters. He praised the organisation’s achievement in raising the exhibition on the town’s history to a new level. He saw the fact that this was possible in the Neurath House as an example of the good co-operation between the political bodies that provide financial support for the museum and the association’s activities.
Jochen Weppler gave a final introduction to the exhibition and reported on the initial meetings of the team up to the finished exhibition. He particularly emphasised new aspects and exhibits: large-scale depictions of various views of the city and photographs of objects that could not be exhibited offer interesting and unusual insights. An outstanding film, produced especially for the Alsfeld museum, sheds light on the creation of the Alsfeld missal in the former Augustinian monastery and the restoration of the book.
All speakers agreed that the exhibition itself is a milestone for the Alsfeld City Museum. Weppler concluded by appealing to the municipal committees to continue to support the restoration until the entire building is reopened.

The association expressed its thanks to both the volunteers and the craftsmen and service providers involved with a certificate. Weppler himself was presented with a gift by his fellow board member and museum director Andreas Ruhl: he received a veritable milestone.
The exhibition has been open since 19 May and can currently be visited from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Further information about the History and Museum Association can be found at www.museum-alsfeld.de.