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genXart: Life & Live-Workshop - Künstlerinnensymposium(come to) agreement

genXart, that is the artists Tanja Abeln-Bil, Tanja Gremmel, Britta Jakobi, Mona Löffler, Patricia Schellenberger and Dr. Annette Scheder.

They will be in the museum barn every day from 5 to 10 June to work and create their works in analogue and virtual space with the participation, encouragement and influence of guests. Each of them with different techniques – from acrylic painting to textile processing to chainsaw actions. It will be an exciting six days, culminating in an exhibition from 11 June, starting with a vernissage at 5 pm.

For the democratic process, guests can visit the museum barn and the artists every evening during the workshop week from 6pm to 8pm, leave impulses and hints in the impulse box in front of the museum or interact via the social media channels Instagram and Facebook (@gnxrt_).

The exhibition will be open from 11 June to 6 July, Monday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm. It will close with a finissage on 6 July.