3000000 BC

Hand axe of the Acheuléen culture, found near Ruhlkirchen

Alsfeld revives!First settlement evidence

The oldest evidence that people lived in the Alsfeld area dates back to the Old Stone Age and thus covers the period from about 3 million years ago to about 10,000/8,000 years before Christ. The Stone Age is considered to be the age in which stone (along with wood and horn, which were also used but not preserved) was the main raw material for the manufacture of tools and weapons. As the oldest and longest age of prehistory, the Stone Age came to an end with the discovery of the manufacturing process of bronze.

Predominantly, the finds are handicraft tools, namely beaters, scrapers, core stones (initial piece of a stone artifact from which pieces were beaten off by means of a beater stone) and bifaces. These man-made devices are called artifacts. The hand axe is the oldest tool of the genus Homo. It has been recorded in Europe for about 600,000 years and is typical of the Acheulean age. A striking feature of this archaeological culture are large flattened, oval or pointed handaxes, always worked on both sides, like the piece exhibited here from this era. MNic