Alsfeld does not celebrate!The 50th Hessentag will not take place in Alsfeld

It could have been a great event: For the third time in Alsfeld, what no Hessian city had managed so far. And also an anniversary Hessentag! Already in 1985 there had been a verbal promise by Prime Minister Holger Börner at the 2nd Alsfeld Hessentag. The official announcement from Wiesbaden for 2010 came in December 2006.

But when the time came for the preparations, the city found itself in great financial difficulties.

The budget safeguarding concept imposed by the municipal supervisory authority forced the cancellation of voluntary services and planned investments. Personal appeals by the mayor and first city councilor to Wiesbaden to limit the financial risk of holding the Hessentag were unsuccessful. Already at the end of 2007, the state of Hesse withdrew the 50th Hessentag from the city. There was a lack of confidence in the financial reliability!

This was a first in the history of the Hessentag. There were heated discussions in the city. Opinions about this outcome were divided. In retrospect, it was a missed opportunity. NH