Plaque for special achievements in connection with the redevelopment of the Old Town

Alsfeld selected!Alsfeld becomes European model town for monument protection

The Council of Europe proclaimed the year 1975 as the “European Year of Monument Protection”. The member states selected projects that were to be exemplary for certain tasks of monument protection. Alsfeld, which still has a medieval character, had been renovated and restored since 1962 and was therefore selected. The other German model towns were Trier, Rothenburg, Xanten and Berlin.

For Alsfeld, this meant an upgrading of the work carried out so far. The plans were, however, critically scrutinized and adjusted once again. Had not too many buildings been removed from the Scheunenviertel, for example? Didn’t the interventions in favor of car traffic in the city center go too far? The new buildings in particular were again critically examined and the plans adjusted. The idea of setting up a museum center here in the Minnigerode and Neurathhaus was born at that time.

Under the motto “A future for our past”, particularly successful restorations or new buildings were awarded such a plaque by the city, which was to be attached to the building. CCRH