Paper stickers advertising Alsfeld as a district town, 1972

Alsfeld loses!Territorial reform: The district town function goes to Lauterbach

As early as the 1960s, a reorganization of the districts and municipalities was discussed in order to prepare the administrations for future challenges. In 1970, the newly elected Hessian coalition government of SPD and FDP passed a resolution to this effect.

In Alsfeld, the municipality of Altenburg had already been incorporated on December 1, 1969, in order to enable industrial settlement across municipalities. From 1971, the communities of Angenrod, Billertshausen, Eifa, Elbenrod, Eudorf, Fischbach, Heidelbach, Leusel, Münch-Leusel, Reibertenrod and Schwabenrod followed from the old Alsfeld district. Berfa, Hattendorf, Liederbach and Lingelbach were not added until the district reorganization law of 1972. With its 16 new districts, Alsfeld’s population grew to about 17,800. The town council increased from 25 to 37 seats and local advisory councils were established in the incorporated communities.

The question of “Who will be the new county seat?” then developed into a highly unpleasant affair that led to a long-lasting polarization not only among the population but also in the media. Despite a legally impeccable district council resolution, which by a majority awarded Alsfeld the function of district capital, the then Hessian Minister of the Interior, Bielefeld, decided in favor of Lauterbach. The subsequent legal disputes dragged on until 1976. NH