Photos by Jakob Hartmann from the construction period of the highway

Alsfeld is roaring!Alsfeld gets a freeway connection

Plans to build a freeway in Germany existed even before the 1930s. The “autobahn idea” is said to have been developed by the mayor of Frankfurt, Dr. Landmann. On his initiative, an “Association for the Promotion of the Hamburg – Frankfurt – Basel Motorway” was founded in 1926. As early as 1930, the implementation planning for the first section Frankfurt – Darmstadt was completed.

As is well known, the National Socialist government then took over the project in 1933. “In a pile of sand thrown up especially for this purpose” on the banks of the Main River in Frankfurt, Hitler performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the “Road of the Führer” on September 23, 1933. Just two years later, the first section of the “Reichsautobahn” Darmstadt – Frankfurt was completed. However, the continuation to the north via Alsfeld was not initially planned at all. The route was to go via Marburg.

For years, citizens of Alsfeld lobbied for a change in planning. After several discussions about variants, the decision was made in April 1935 to route the autobahn south of Alsfeld. In December 1938, the section from Giessen to Alsfeld with the direct connection to the east was completed. In the following year, the freeway maintenance depot was built, but the second west connection was not built until 1958. NH