Postcard with the newly built trade school, 1902
Template: M. Nicolai

Alsfeld educates!Trade school is built

In the middle of the 19th century, Alsfeld’s tradesmen and craftsmen complained about the lack of a training center for their junior staff. They founded a local trade association which, together with the town of Alsfeld, took on the establishment of a craftsmen’s training school. In 1862, classes began initially as a Sunday drawing school with two teachers. Later, an evening school for German style exercises and arithmetic was added.

The lessons for the average of about 40 students took place in the Alsfeld town school. In 1891, the trade association expanded this craftsmen’s training school into the “Extended Craftsmen’s School at Alsfeld. Now classes were held daily, aimed especially at trainees in the building trades. Two classes with 12 students were taught in rooms of the wedding house. In 1899, the school, which had been a three-classroom school since 1897, was renamed “Gewerbeschule Alsfeld”.

The number of students had risen steadily over the years and the Hochzeitshaus became too cramped. So, with the help of the city of Alsfeld and the local savings bank, the trade association built a new school building at Jahnstraße 8, which was ready for occupancy in 1902. The school remained at this location, enlarged by an extension in 1956, until 1979.

It then moved into a new building on the Krebsbach 6 site, which has since been renamed the “State Technical School Alsfeld, Technical School for Structural, Civil and Reinforced Concrete Engineering”. This is where the “State Technical Academy Alsfeld” is still located today. CCRS