Lantern for a candle equipped with an electric light bulb, around 1900

Alsfeld under electricity!Construction of the power plant

Only 17 years later than in the two large cities of Berlin and Frankfurt, which were electrified in 1882, the town of Alsfeld also had an electric power plant built, which brought the longed-for electric light to the town in 1900. Today, only a few people in Alsfeld know that the first electric power plant was located in the street “Am Lieden”, that the strength of the new light bulbs was measured in candles and that the power lines ran across the roofs of houses.

The first electricity that flowed in Alsfeld through the newly laid lines and was delivered to the house through the poles standing on the house roofs was initially intended almost exclusively for electric light! Moreover, it must be remembered that at first there were often only a few light sources – but not per room, but in the whole house! Within just a few years, electricity, and with it progress, made its way into the province.

Only a few homeowners and citizens hesitated to fill out the application form for connection to the electrical grid – and that only at the very beginning. Progress was visible in the ever-increasing number of electric poles and lines, which were not removed from rooftops and placed underground until the 1950s/60s. MNic