Embroidered cloth with appeal to vote against the construction of a water pipeline, before 1896

Alsfeld fresh from the well!Start of the construction of a water supply

Towards the end of the 19th century, the city’s water supply was provided by a large number of wells throughout the city. Due to the increased demand, bottlenecks occurred time and again. The city then commissioned a “Commission” to investigate the situation and propose a solution. The result was presented in a printed report on April 5, 1892. For geological reasons, digging additional wells would not remedy the problem. Instead, the commission advocated the construction of a central, general water supply.

Since the construction and operation of a water supply required not inconsiderable expenditure, the costs were apportioned. Each user had to pay connection and operating fees. This caused some resentment. In particular, it was argued that in large parts of the city, and especially in the old town, the water supply was sufficiently guaranteed by public and private pumps and was also free of charge. Why do we need an expensive system for everyone? The resistance was organized under the motto: “Brouche mer e Wasserleiring – mehr ho de Bomb verm Haus”.

In spite of the protests, construction began in 1896, partly because the city had already created facts and had already acquired the source land on the Liederbach that was necessary for operation. From 1897, the local water supply was regulated by the “Orts-Statut betreffend: die Entnahme und Nutzung von Wasser aus der städtischen Wasserleitung in Alsfeld”. CCRS