Alsfeld brewery beer barrel, 1970s

Alsfeld brews!Foundation of the Wallach Brewery

This company owes its origins to two different developments: First, a centuries-old tradition ended around 1850 when the town of Alsfeld relinquished its brewing rights.

On the other hand, Meyer Wallach, who had immigrated from Ottrau in Electoral Hesse in 1831, tried to build up a beverage trade with the help of his father-in-law Isaac Spier, who was already established in the spirits business. As early as 1841, Wallach had criticized the district office for “tapping foreign beer in Alsfeld” and applied for a brewing license.

The application was unsuccessful, as the town was still “entitled to brew beer on its own” at that time. Via a permit granted in 1848 for a “liquor and brandy trade en gros and en detail,” Wallach finally succeeded in taking over the municipal establishment in 1858.

A new brewery was built on the site of today’s train station, which was replaced in 1904 by a larger, modern new building with a steam engine on Grünberger Strasse.

In the course of the “Aryanization” that was later ordered in the economic sphere as well, the Wallach family had to sell their business in 1935 at a price that was not in line with the market to a cooperative of innkeepers – essentially former customers – that had been founded shortly before for this purpose. NH