Cloth scissors, around 1875

Alsfeld interwoven!Foundation of the Grünewald weaving mill

When talking about the industrial development of Alsfeld, the textile and clothing industry must be mentioned first.

One of its pioneers was Carl. Fr. Grünewald, born in Arolsen in 1833 and immigrated to Alsfeld at a young age. Together with his later brother-in-law Heinrich Bücking, he founded a company “for the manufacture and sale of linen goods” in 1857.

At first, production was still carried out on the hand looms that were common at the time. However, the conversion to mechanical weaving soon developed. Around 1900, Grünewald was one of the first to introduce the individual electric drive for the looms. In the beginning, the company produced raw linen, packing cloth, half-jute linen and sacks. The customer base eventually extended throughout Germany.

The Second World War meant a severe break in the company’s development. Hit by American bombs, the Grünewald weaving mill lay in ruins in the spring of 1945. But after reconstruction under difficult conditions, the 100th anniversary of the company could be celebrated in 1957. Adjustments to changing market conditions were not to be missed.

However, the Grünewald name has not disappeared in Alsfeld to this day. NH