Printing press of the Bücking tobacco factory, around 1830

Alsfeld is printing!The first Alsfeld newspaper appears

In 1832, tobacco manufacturer Hermann Bücking, who owned a printing press in his factory on which tobacco labels were printed, saw an opportunity for another source of income.

Aware of having free capacity and being able to print more, he negotiated with the Grand Ducal District Court Assessor Schäfer and the Grand Ducal District Secretary Dr. Rautenbusch about the publication of an “advertising journal for Alsfeld and the surrounding area,” i.e. a printed newspaper, as already existed for the most part in the other towns of the Grand Duchy.

In times of press censorship, publication could only take place after approval by the Grand Ducal Ministry of the Interior and Justice – under the supervision of the Alsfeld District Office and District Court for the Alsfeld District.

This decision was promulgated by the Grand Ducal District Councilor of the Alsfeld District, Neidhardt, on January 1, 1833. The gazette was published by the district administration as an organ of its official notices and decrees to the local authorities and inhabitants of the district, had the sole privilege of being a public bulletin and appeared on Saturdays.

At the beginning, Schäfer and Dr. Rautenbusch were responsible for editing. Alsfeld’s first newspaper was printed on this press made by tobacco manufacturer Hermann Bücking. MNic