Town sign of the district town Alsfeld, before 1972

Alsfeld encircles!Alsfeld becomes district town

After the so-called “Rhine Confederation Act” in 1806, the new Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt was divided into three provinces: Starkenburg, Rhine Hesse and Upper Hesse, to which Alsfeld belonged. The seat of government was Giessen.

The separation of administration and justice was decisive for the formation of a “more modern” state. To this end, separate administrative and judicial districts were created in 1821, in the local area Schotten, Grünberg, Kirtorf and Romrod. The latter consisted of the Felda court, Storndorf and the noble Kestrich court, Leusel, Zell and the Alsfeld office (with the Grebenau office and the Schwarz court).

While the district court remained in Alsfeld, Romrod became the seat of the district administrator before it was moved here in May 1829 after fierce and persistent interventions on the part of Alsfeld. The seat of the district administrator was the so-called “Schwarzsche Wohnhaus”, a residential building in Rittergasse with a courtyard, garden and several outbuildings, which stood directly next to the Minnigerode House.

In 1832, districts were established as larger administrative areas, presided over by a “Kreisrath”. The two administrative districts of Alsfeld and Kirtorf were combined to form the district of Alsfeld, which included 72 villages.

In 1836, the seat of the Grand Ducal District Council was moved to a newly constructed building in Hersfelder Straße, and the so-called “Old Town School” moved into the “Schwarzsche Wohnhaus”. MNic