Measuring device for land surveying (tachymeter), around 1800

Alsfeld crossed!Start of the construction of the road from Alsfeld to Grünberg

Since the Middle Ages, a high road has connected the two trade fair cities of Frankfurt/Main and Leipzig. Alsfeld probably owes its existence to this road, as the town was founded at the intersection of this road “through the short Hessians” with the road to Fulda coming from Marburg.

This long-distance traffic route was developed into a chaussee from 1824 onwards, following the French model. Such paved artificial roads were planned by engineers. Unlike traditional roads, the Chausseen ran in a straighter line and were built with easily surmountable inclines or declines. They also had drainage systems so that such roads did not turn into muddy tracks when it rained.

The chausses must be thought of as the highways of the 19th century. On them, traffic moved faster and, above all, more steadily.

For the urban development of Alsfeld, the modernization of the trunk road was of great importance, as it revived trade and brought more people to the city. CCRH