Scythe and flail, around 1900

Alsfeld remains faithful!The state parliament meets in Alsfeld

490 years ago Alsfeld was for a few days in the center of the events of the so-called “Peasants’ War”, because Landgrave Philip “the Magnanimous” had “held a Land Day here in 1525 at the time of the Peasants’ Revolt” (J. J. Winkelmann).

On this day he first assured himself of the loyalty of “his” town Alsfeld, before he went with his army to Thuringia against the rebellious “peasant hordes” and defeated them in the battle of Frankenhausen on May 15.

“Slaughter” would be a more appropriate term, for of 8,000 insurgents, about 6,000 died on the battlefield; 600 were taken prisoner, half of whom were executed a day later in front of the town hall or on the Stadtanger.

The leader of the peasants, Thomas Müntzer, was handed over to the allied Count Ernst von Malsfeld, who first had him interrogated, then tortured and executed on May 27.

490 years ago, the majority of Alsfeld’s citizens stood by their sovereign, despite the unrest that also took place here (“Uffruhr,” “Versamelung,” “Aufrurens”). In return, the prince granted them a wish: their pastor Tilemann Schnabel, who had received his doctorate from his friend Luther in 1515 and left Alsfeld in 1523, was allowed to be pastor in Alsfeld again in 1526 and was also appointed superintendent of the diocese of Alsfeld and the county of Ziegenhain. MNic