Pin on the occasion of the 450th anniversary, 1962

Alsfeld advises!New city hall is built

In the medieval city, the town hall is the center of the citizens’ world. The old town hall had been destroyed by fire in 1510 or 1511. Therefore, the construction of a new town hall began in 1512.

The new building had much more functions than just being the seat of the city council. Market was held and traded in the open hall on the first floor. On the second floor there was a large hall for festivities. Presumably, court was also held there.

The municipal administration – i.e. the mayor’s office and the council hall – was located on the second floor. More was not necessary at that time. However, both rooms were magnificently furnished.

In 1516, the construction work was largely completed, except for the interior fittings. The building, with its mighty stone first floor, its elaborate half-timbering and the oriels that extend into the four turrets, testifies to the great self-confidence of the citizenry.

The town hall has remained the town’s landmark to this day and is known beyond the region. The building narrowly escaped demolition in 1878, but that will be reported elsewhere. CCRH