um 1390

Lion sculpture from the Landgrave's castle, around 1390

Alsfeld developed!Construction of the landgrave castle completed

Building costs money and invoices are written about it. Such invoices of the late 14th century show that the castle of Landgrave Hermann II in Alsfeld had been completed.

In 1376, Hermann II, also known as “the scholar”, levied taxes on foodstuffs, fabrics and metal goods in his dominion, which met with fierce opposition, especially from the citizens of the towns. Nobles and especially the archbishop of Mainz also supported this criticism of the landgrave in the hope of increasing their influence.

The construction of the Alsfeld residence must be seen against this background. If the landgrave resided in the city, this meant direct control over his city.

In 1395, the “Alsfelder Landfrieden” (Alsfeld Peace) was agreed in the new residence, which settled many points of dispute. After the death of Hermann II in 1413, the residence became a rentei with a tithe barn. There, the taxes demanded by the sovereign often had to be paid in kind.

The building was used as a district court from 1812 and finally demolished in 1847. All that remained was a stone lion, which was probably attached to the portal. CCRH