View of the new town hall after completion in 1516.
Reconstruction by J. Weppler, 2011

Alsfeld advised!First mention of the town hall

In an account book of the town there was an entry for 1386 about the costs for masonry work “zu dem raithuse”. This is the oldest reference to an Alsfeld town hall. It must have been a predecessor building of the town’s landmark, which burned down in 1510 or 1511.

It will not be possible to find out what the old town hall looked like. Its year of construction is also unknown. Certainly it was also a half-timbered building and it stood more or less in the same place as the present town hall. It was probably smaller and less elaborately designed.

A Schultheiss, i.e. a representative of the Landgrave, can be traced in Alsfeld since 1231. In 1270 there was a town council consisting of a mayor and twelve aldermen.

These were not elected, but held as honorary offices by nobles or wealthy citizens. In the 14th century, four guild masters expanded the town council, which met with its resistance. After long disputes, the crafts guilds were able to assert themselves. Their right to elect four master craftsmen from among themselves and to send them to the council was expressly confirmed by the landgrave in 1429 in a letter of core. CCRH