School teaching board about monastery life in the Middle Ages, 1950s

Alsfeld inspired!Augustinian monks settle in Alsfeld

Monks of the Augustinian order first came to Alsfeld probably around 1280/90; they are documented since 1309. The monks improved the pastoral care in the town, which until then had been carried out by the clergy of the parish church alone. The monastery complex was built right next to the Mainz Gate on the Roßmarkt. The monastery had its own farm.

Important sources of income were also donations and endowments. Since the Augustinians belonged to the mendicant orders, a donation to them was considered especially salvific.

The monastery grew steadily. With the completion of the monastery church in 1436, the peak was reached. It was one of the largest buildings in the city at that time.

The Augustinian monastery was abolished after the introduction of the Reformation in 1527 and converted into a hospital for the poor and needy by order of Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous. Parts of the monastery buildings were demolished for the construction of the new hospital building, which still exists today. The monastery church stood empty until the 17th century, was then restored and has been used as the (Protestant) Holy Trinity Church since 1664. CCRH