Portrait photos of the founding members of the GMV, after 1897

GMV jubilates!125 Years Alsfeld History and Museum Society (GMV)

The History and Museum Society (GMV) has a long tradition in Alsfeld. It was founded on September 9, 1897 by citizens of Alsfeld as the “Geschichts- und Alterthumsverein”. At that time, the founders wanted to oppose the repeated sale of “municipal antiquities” and thus made it their task to preserve valuable sources and cultural assets of Alsfeld’s history for posterity.

The founding members were Gustav Ramspeck, Louis Sondermann, Carl Weitz, Julius Waldeck, Ludwig Martin and Friedrich Ehrenklau. Since then, the association has done considerable work in several areas: The Alsfeld City Museum presents Alsfeld’s cultural history to a wide audience and is currently undergoing extensive modernization. It has a broad and multifaceted collection of more than 10,000 exhibits. The archive and library contain rich sources and literature on Alsfeld’s history, and the GMV’s Mitteilungen – the series of publications in which the association’s extensive research work is published – are known beyond the region. The GMV thus manages Alsfeld’s cultural memory. And here, too, there is cause for celebration. Because in 2022, not only the town of Alsfeld will be 800 years old.

The history and museum association is also celebrating its anniversary: 125 years of GMV! Congratulations! CCDG