Seal stamp of the city of Alsfeld, 1234

Alsfeld sealed!Oldest surviving seal of the city

A seal is the imprint of a seal stamp in sealing wax or lacquer; the Alsfeld seal stamp is made of brass with a diameter of 7.5 cm and a wooden handle 18 cm long. The seal represents Landgrave Konrad of Thuringia (Alsfeld was a Thuringian town foundation), the brother-in-law of St. Elisabeth of Marburg, who ruled Hesse, which belonged to Thuringia until 1247, since 1231.

The peculiarity of this seal is that the mirror engraver – knowing about the planned entry of Conrad into the Teutonic Order – did not use his facial features, but those of his brother and successor, Heinrich Raspe: bulging eyes, bulging lips, bulbous nose.

The seal shows the landgrave sitting on a bench, his head uncovered, his coat falling over his shoulder. In his right hand he holds the bare sword supported on his right knee, in his left hand the army flag symbolizing the military supreme command, in front of it is the lion shield.

The inscription in Latin translates as “Seal of the mayor and citizens of Alsfeld”. MNic