Elferrat Blazer with the house order of a session president of the ACC
Donation Jochen Weppler

Alsfeld Helau!Foundation of the Alsfeld Carneval Club

Alsfeld is a place of foolishness. Since when, is not exactly documented. In any case, a “carnival event” is attested in 1862, descriptions of carnival festivities exist since 1870. Subsequently, carnival was institutionalized in Alsfeld. With the opening of the Deutsches Haus on Marburger Straße with a large hall in 1883, associations had the opportunity to organize meetings and larger events. Among other things, this may have been the reason for the founding of the “Alsfelder-Carneval-Verein von 1884”, which from then on held most of its events in the Deutsches Haus. Even then, Alsfeld’s carnival was given a symbolic and identification figure. The “Dappcher”, a jolly figure with a round belly, pointed cap and colorful costume, still delights carnivalists today.

National Socialism and World War II meant a deep break for the Alsfeld carnival, which came to a standstill. It finally resumed – initially organized in a sub-group of the “SV 06 Alsfeld” – when the “Alsfelder Carneval Club” (ACC) was entered in the register of associations on September 11, 1969 in the tradition of the Alsfelder Carneval-Verein. Since then the ACC with its more than 200 members and numerous groups stands for the närrische Alsfeld. Helau! CCDG