Baptismal font from the monastery church, dated 1707

A Lauterbacher donates!Inauguration of the restored monastery church as the Trinity Church

The order of the Hessian landgrave Philipp of 1527 to abolish all monasteries in the course of the Reformation also affected the Augustinian Hermit Monastery at Roßmarkt.

While new activities developed in the monastery area, the stately monastery church with its choir built around 1400 and the two-nave hall from 1436 was completely relegated to the background. It remained unused.

There was apparently no need for it next to the town church of St. Walpurgis. The fact that in 1582 even a bell founder used the church as a workshop indicates its appreciation at that time. The greatest damage, however, occurred during the final phase of the 30 Years’ War on October 5, 1646, but shortly thereafter the town decided to rebuild the church, which had become unusable.

With an unprecedented fundraising campaign and through the generous donation of Stam Volkmar, a citizen of Lauterbach, the financing for the restoration succeeded, “the most significant event in Alsfeld in the second half of the 17th century” (S. von Galéra).

The dedication ceremony on June 19, 1664 (2nd Sunday after Trinity) was attended by over a thousand guests and visitors. As a Lutheran church of the Holy Trinity, the former hospital church from now on took over the function as the second parish church of Alsfeld.

The baptismal font is a work of the Alsfeld master carpenter Johannes Schleunig. NH